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Worms on Wheels

Worms on Wheels
An arts-inspired gardening activity we can bring to your pre-schools.

Our newest initiative, Worms on Wheels by Cultivate Central is a compact nature-based mobile learning resource kit for preschools. Worms on Wheels, inspired by our popular Arts Learning Journey Programme Worms Love Coffee by Cultivate Central, is now available to schools that would like to explore a worm hotel with the children. This programme can easily tie in with your current theme related to Our Body, Animals, Nature or Environment.

  • We are extending this garden inspired mobile learning resource by Cultivate Central so that your preschool can continue to experience an aspect of our Arts Learning Journey Programme in your own preschool.

Our Learning Journey experience Worms Love Coffee by Cultivate Central reached over 2000 children since 2017. This positive response inspired Cultivate Central to develop and create a mobile learning and teaching resource for preschools called Worms on Wheels.

        • In collaboration with Cultivate Central, we are launching and distributing Worms on Wheels. Through the gardening-inspired arts programming at The Artground, we have seen how working with worms has inspired children’s imagination and curiosity. This is why we want to get as many preschools to experience the curious world beneath our feet through ​Worms on Wheels by Cultivate Central a garden inspired mobile learning resource.

    • Download your booking form here!Worms on Wheels comes with a worm hotel/eco system, Educators Guide that has 15 activities covered over 7 units, materials to aid with some of the activities and a Care Guide. You can also book the Cultivate Central team for a Teachers Training session as well, with certification for CPD hours granted.

      Teacher’s Training Session

      Teachers connect the dots between a worm hotel and daily sustainable habits with ease. With this knowledge they will be inspired to work towards a zero waste future with their students while working with worms. Teachers walk away with knowledge, multidisciplinary activities and confidence to explore ideas and possibilities around a worm hotel as a teaching and learning resource. Teachers will gain a better understanding on how best to leverage on the Worms on Wheel Educators’ Guide and Care Guide. They will workshop ideas inspired by Worms on Wheel which will help ease them into engaging children in garden inspired arts programmes.