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Masak Masak

Masak Masak

By The Merry Men Works | 28th May 2022 – 26th Mar 2023

About the Arts Space
Enter the messy om-nom-nomiverse of Masak Masak. In this art space, commissioned by The Artground, playing with food just got larger-than-life! Climb on a spilled bowl of chendol, hop on an egg tart trampoline and slide down the melting ice cream. Satisfy your appetite for play and discover local delights like never before!
About the artists

The Merry Men Works
is a creative studio and a carpentry workshop. They are a tribe of carpenters, builders and designers based in sunny Singapore. Founded by a group of like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds in events and production, The Works is built on the pillars of Skill, Design and Quality. They have been instrumental in most of The Artground’s art space designs from 2018. Last year, they submitted their proposal of Masak Masak as part of The Artground’s Arts Space Open Call. Through a blind selection, their theme Masak Masak was chosen to be presented at The Artground. With more than 20 years of experience, our lead carpenter lives by the mantra “if you can dream it, we can build it.”


Local Delights
Which is your favourite food?

Together with the artists from The Merry Men Works, we came together to design various local snacks and goodies that’s not only to look delicious but also great fun! From curry puffs to ice cream waffle. Which is your favourite?


Making food

The hawker area on baby stage is one of our most interactive feature in this arts space. We made food items out of different materials, from soft clay to fabric pieces! Each of them truly unique and crafted with love.


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Support from local businesses

We reached out to various local food businesses and were very thankful that Chip Guan Heng and Khong Guan Biscuits came on board and sponsored goodies for the little ones!
Thank you Chip Guan Heng and Khong Guan! Masak Masak. As an arts charity, it is very important for us to have support so that we can continuing bringing joy and a positive arts experience for all!