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Happy Homebodies

Happy Homebodies

By Gracie Chai | 23 May – 15 Sept 2019

About the Arts Space
Happy Homebodies features creativity in the simplicity of everyday life. Make new discoveries about common objects at home which are beautifully transformed into an uncommon experience. Crawl through a washing machine, slide down a bed and jump into a laundry basket. The magic of this exploration is that it shows children new ways of looking at ordinary objects around us. From a simple dot to the intricate lines that characterise the different parts and objects in a house, journey through the little spaces which open up new possibilities for imagination and innovation!
About the artist
Gracie Chai is a self-taught artist, maker and illustrator, who has also recently picked up a full-time gig with the running job title of “Meltdown & Tantrum Negotiator”; otherwise more popularly known as “Mum”. Prior to raising children, she dabbled in textile fabrication and clothes-making and has sold her handmade dresses and creations in various parts of the world, with her work featured in international and local publications. When not crafting or working on commissions, she enjoys spends her time at home frolicking with her kids, which she documents under her Instagram handle @graciechai; mostly reshuffling furniture around the house to create for them their own private playgrounds or making simple effective toys out of otherwise overlooked household objects.


Learning little things at home

We were inspired by how Gracie was engaging with her children at home. She has a son, Eden who was 4 years old and a daughter Ocean who was only 9 months old at that time. Converting their couch into a makeshift slide was definitely one of the highlights! She also constantly engages them in creative art-related activities at home. Her children are no stranger in the kitchen too, always mama’s little helpers when it comes to delicious home made meals and baked goods! 


Building a Mini HDB!

Inspired by Gracie’s very simple and creative interactions with her children at home, we encouraged her to design a typical home for all the families at The Artground to enjoy! We wanted to share with young families out there, that there’s more to a child’s creative play at home apart from commercial toys and gadgets! Thus, the birth of Happy Homebodies!

Little helpers at home!

An indoor garden

Apart from the typical kitchen, laundry and bedroom area, we also wanted to inspire families to bring the outdoors in. So, we worked with our long-time partner, Cultivate Central, who also runs the edible garden outside The Artground and conducts our gardening-inspired workshops! Here you will see some indoor cocodamas, that are easy to grow in tiny spaces that will make a great difference in creating a fun and conducive environment for you and your families.