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Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

By Poh Ya See | 7 July – 29 Oct 2017

About the Arts Space
Down The Rabbit Hole is a visual arts space created by Poh Ya See, a Singaporean artist. It invites you to hop, skip, climb and crawl to explore the world of animals that live underground. Learn more about the platypuses, microscopic organisms, ants, millipedes and other creatures that call the area under our feet home! 
About the Artist
Poh Ya See is a mixed media artist whose practice weaves current social trends with personal experiences. Constantly seeking to put a smile on the faces of her audience, Ya See effectively expresses quirky and whimsical narratives in her art pieces through a pallet of cheerful colours and a medley of motifs.

What’s in Down the Rabbit Hole?

A place for crawling and climbing, with the freedom to express!

We’ve designed different areas for children to have the freedom to express themselves and explore! Upon entering the space, they will be greeted by a long, three-tier structure that begins with a crawling area filled with foam noodles (for that extra sensory element!) The tunnel leads to a space where the children discover various microscopic organisms through the use of optical illusion. We’ve incorporated surfaces where the little ones can doodle and draw, and love seeing the various creative ideas they came up with that makes the space unique!

Little spaces that spark curiosity!

Apart from the crawling structure, there are other animal habitats in the space as well. The platypus tunnel is an amazing environment for children of all ages. As you enter the space, you’ll hear tunes that transport you to a feeling of being underwater. As you gaze up, overhanging soft crepe papers fill the ceiling and moves, incidentally when the fan blows. This truly creates a magical illusion! We’ve also hidden many foam eggs that are creatively designed using invisible ink that only appears when ultraviolet (UV) light is shone. Both the children and adults will have lots of fun going through these curious little items.

Creative corners

Apart from the various arts structure, we’ve designed some alcove spaces for self-exploration. This space is filled with cardboard pieces for the little ones to start building their own imaginary little habitats! 

Baby Stage: Where the little ones roam

There’s a dedicated space on stage, where we design tactile elements and put up large overhanging artworks which create an overarching display. We fill the stage with soft sculptures, and the little ones really enjoy their time in this space.