The Play Ground Series by Zip Zap Zoom Collective

The Play Ground Series
By Zip Zap Zoom Collective | GroundBreakers 2020

The Play Ground Series
The Play Ground Series is a series of site-specific theatre experiences created for young audiences with the mission to bring a physical space to life using the power of imagination. Under The Play Ground Series, the collective has created and presented Blast Off!, a roving theatre performance inspired by The Curious Sky – Galaxy Edition Arts space at The Artground.During the pandemic in 2020, the collective also designed and facilitated an online edition of Blast Off!, exploring the possibilities of art-making and shared experiences online.In 2021, the collective will be responding to the Deep Sea Arts Space and creating a new work: The Lonely Jellyfish.
About the artists
Zip Zap Zoom Collective is dedicated to creating arts experiences for young audiences. The collective was founded by 3 core members—Claris Tan, Elizabeth Loh, and Jeremy Leong. Actors by profession, the 3 members are also skilled in various performative art forms such as dance, music, puppetry, and storytelling for young audiences. The collective’s mission is to create immersive arts experiences that encourage their audiences to imagine, investigate, and explore beyond the given. Zip Zap Zoom Collective believes that every child possesses a unique voice and an inherently creative spirit; the collective aims to create arts experiences that encourage and cultivate those qualities. Come zip, zap, and zoom together with the collective!