Sunny Islanders Project by Rolypoly kids

Sunny Islanders Project: Music Resources for Creative Dance (pre-schoolers)

Wouldn’t it be fantashiokoolah to have fun and silly dance music that pre-schoolers in Singapore can get creative to?

And what if the music suggests sounds, rhythms, colours and smells that children can find around the corner from where they live and play? Would the music be a bridge between their everyday environment and their imaginary world?

Rolypoly Kids is thrilled to be hard at work play, exploring these questions at The Artground with The Sunny Islanders Project. It takes its name from the iconic local song, “Singapura,” and we dreamed it up because we want to make local music that dance instructors, teachers and families are able to use in dance studios, classrooms and living rooms. Sunny Islanders Project will keep a global perspective, while drawing inspiration from local tales and experiences.

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Rolypoly Kids by Rolypoly Family
Rolypoly Kids is an offshoot of Rolypoly Family. We believe that children enjoy learning when they have the agency and autonomy to explore and play. Our projects and programmes encourage children to nurture the intelligence of their bodies through movement improvisation, within a guided environment. We leave them the space to spiral, fall, roll, get back up and repeat that in many different ways.

We are led by dance and teaching artists, Faye Lim and Bernice Lee, with a team of grounded and yet playful artist facilitators, including Felicia Lim, Wiing Liu, and Sarah Oh. It is our pleasure and honour to be working with the “fiddler for peace,” musician and composer Yong Kailin, on the Sunny Islanders Project.

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