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TAG Programmes

TAG Programmes

The Artground provides tiered levels of access and engagement through our art related programmes so that families with young children can engage in together. These are offered on the weekends and include performing arts workshops and performances; storytelling sessions, gardening-inspired workshops and arts & craft activities. Weekends programmes are chargeable, with the exception of some artist work-in-development trials. Patrons are advised to check TAG’s programme schedule and purchase tickets for the programmes they wish to attend.

Ticket Type

Programme Tickets

Programme Only (Chargeable) – Age Specified
• This Programme ticket gives you access to a 30-min (unless otherwise stated) scheduled arts programme only.
• This class of ticket is chargeable, with each child, adult and baby in arms counted as one pax.
• Please ensure that you book your ticket according to the number of pax in your party.
• Our current seating layout allows only 8 groups into the WhiteBox, which can seat 2 to 5 pax per group. If you wish to sit with your friends, please help us to maximise our operational capacity by booking in groups of up to 5, where applicable.
• Masks are mandatory for all children above 2 yrs in the programme.
• Please arrive 10 mins before the programme starts as latecomers will be denied entry into the programme.
• Each arts programme is age specific and The Artground reserves the right to refuse entry to children who are not within the stipulated age group even if you have purchased a ticket. No refunds will be issued.
• Children below the ages of 6 must be accompanied by at least one adult into the arts programmes.
• For arts and craft workshops, art materials will be provided for participating children only.
• For performances, Safe Management Measures requires groups/families to remain seated in their designated seats at all times throughout the session, to prevent intermingling. Audiences who don’t comply may be asked to leave the session.
• Depending on the programme, the number of tickets available per group will range. Please book your tickets carefully.
• Based on our current reduced operating capacity, we have allocated specific limited bundle ticket packages to manage our capacity and cost. We are required to limit the number of groups entering our premises due to Safe Management Measures hence any reduction in the reallocation will impact our ability to ride through this post-covid time. Hence, we seek your understanding that we will not be able to accede to requests on reallocation of our bundles.
• Programme tickets are non-refundable.

If you wish to access both spaces, please book for a Programme ticket as well as an Explore ticket during the relevant time slots.

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