Outside by Brocolily

Outside by Brocolily

Come OUTSIDE of your usual hangout and explore this unusual forest  with two mystical friends. They’re protective of their friendship and their home but a little trickle from a nearby block may change the way the river flows.

About the Collective
Brocolily team was formed over a breakfast buffet. With a strong believe for creating an inclusive experience for the little ones and to encourage parents to engage in conversations about the issues raised.

Brocolily is a collective of practitioners from varied fields of performance.

Mirabel has been greatly inspired by the different form of arts which are begin created. It has been always interesting and exciting how can a simple movement or stage craft could make the whole production alive. That has led to her constant perusal in leading productions as stage/production manager.

Cheryl practises art through theatre performances, digital illustrations and video making. She is also the brainchild of (the concepts within) Outside. Her inspiration stems from a constant reminder to never disregard any small & weird ideas from surrounding sources. Especially when offered by children these nuggets of make believe, she strives to keep building upon their imaginative world.

Zee plays and writes music. She frequently gets inspired by children who imagine and expresses freely without being fearful of differences. Making mistakes then becomes the start of learning opportunities.

Their very first production, OUTSIDE, hopes to bring awareness to the choices we make on a daily basis with regards to the current environmental crisis.