Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys

The Artground welcomes school visits from pre-schoolers and primary school pupils. Join us on our learning journeys and pupils will enjoy an artist-led workshop, receive a resource kit containing information about our featured installation with suggested activities; as well as go home with a craft kit!

From 19th April till 19th August 2018, students will also get to play and discover Rolling @ TAG, a smart-interactive playspace designed by educator Daiya Aida (Japan).

Rolling @ TAG is an interactive children’s play area, which encourages spontaneous play, and aims to cultivate an environment that prompts children to take ownership of the space and feel comfortable to create their own versions of ‘play’. The design of the space does not conform to straight lines, but rather elevates the play experience through slopes, curved surfaces and tunnels.

The interactive element is further enhanced through media technology, such as simple electronics that creates sounds and lights when triggered. The unique feature of this space is the fact that there are no rules about how you can or should experience the space. Through exploration, children are encouraged to invent new ways of experiencing the space and to interact with other users of the space.

Programme Information for Preschools & Primary schools 2018

Worms Love Coffee – 30 mins
Age group: N1 – K2
Children will get to learn about the environment and the friendly creatures that live underground and how they help to sustain life above-ground. Through observation of worms, and what they eat, the children will understand about compost, experience various sensory stimuli, and also get to bring back their very own coffee drawing!

Art Grows – 30 mins
Age group: N1 – K2
Art Grows observes naturally formed shapes and patterns you find from plants in our Good Garden. Star patterns when you cut open an okra, spirals when a fern grows or the twist and turns of a vine. From these naturally created shapes, kids can create their own artwork using rope, seeds and biodegradable materials by using special home-made glue. When the children bring it home and bury it in soil, they can wait for it to grow in the shapes that they formed!

Seed Balls – 30 mins
Age group: N1 – K2
Seed balls is a multi-sensory activity for our curious little ones. Through the use of sensory bags, they will discover different textures of the coconut husk. Coconut husks makes an outstanding gardening resource. The children will get to make their own seed balls with a concoction of clay, compost, coco peat and seeds to form a seed ball in their favourite shapes. Teachers can encourage them to grow these seed balls in the school garden or at home, with just a few simple steps.

Colours from the Garden – 30 mins
Age group: N1 – K2 & Primary 1-6
Using flowers and leaves from our edible garden, we will explore ways to extract nature’s dyes and create our own textile art print. Do bring along a pre-loved light-coloured tee-shirt for this workshop.

Yummy Microgreens – 30 mins
Age group: Primary 1 – 6
In our urban environment, children are often unable to observe how food are grown, from soil to plate, and this is the chance for them to do just that! In this workshop, children will create and design their own upcycled pot, and mix their own compost/soil, and bring home their own harvest of microgreens!

Let’s Dance – 45 mins
Age group: Primary 1-3
This dance workshop will encourage students to use their bodies to make different shapes, experience low and high levels in dance and understand various tempo in relation to modern dance (Creative Dance). Students will learn simple dance movements through step by step learning of the dances. The high energy fun filled workshop session aims to engage students through dance and music to understand the body better, engage in a social activity and at the same time to move the body in a specific manner in a fun-filled environment with peers.

Talking Hands and Moving Feet – 45 mins
Age group: Primary 1-3
This dance workshop will introduce students to the elements of Bharathanatyam – hand gestures, facial expressions and beats cycles with the learning of simple steps. Students will move their body and their feet to specific rhythms and music from the Indian dance culture. They will also use their bodies and hand gestures to make shapes to define animal movements and nature such as , flowers, trees, wind, water etc.

SG Foodville – 60 mins
Age group: Primary 4-6
SG Foodville is an interactive permaculture activity for the students to learn about growing food in an urban setting using social design principles, featuring observations in our natural ecosystems and existing built environment. Through a guided tour of our edible garden, The Good Garden, they will see and learn first-hand about urban food gardening, and apply design principles in the follow-up activity, where they will start to plan their very own urban food garden!

Rates: $20 per child. 
Minimum participants: 15 pax
Each learning journey lasts 1 hour 30 mins.
Days and Time Slots:
Wednesdays: 0930am / 1130am
Thursdays: 0930am / 1130am
Fridays: 0930am* / 1130am* / 230pm

If you are interested to arrange for a learning journey, please email booking@theartground.com.sg with your school’s name, contact details, number of students and their age groups. We will email you a booking form with our terms and conditions and FAQs. Confirmation by full payment should be made 3 weeks before the date of the learning journeys. For any queries, please contact booking@theartground.com.sg.

For parents of home-schoolers, please email booking@theartground.com.sg if you are interested to arrange for a learning journey.

*There will be no gardening workshops on Friday mornings.