Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys

The Artground welcomes school visits from pre-schoolers and primary school pupils. Join us on our learning journeys and pupils will receive an age-appropriate resource kit containing information about our featured programmes and suggested activities and enjoy a workshop conducted by our artists/facilitators. Teachers will receive a resource kit containing suggested activities and materials to help guide pupils through our installations. Each learning journey lasts 1 hour 15 mins.

Learning Objectives
3 to 4 year olds will be able to,
– identify different colours by naming them.
– differentiate between textures by matching the ones that feel the same.

5 to 6 year olds will be able to,
– differentiate between colours by using words that describe shades i.e. dark and light.
– describe different textures using a range of vocabulary.

Primary 1 & 2 pupils will be able to,
– experience a workshop with a visual artist.
– be curious about what they see.
– develop sensory awareness.
– create art to express their thoughts and feelings.
– relate to the places around them by caring for them.
– use resources wisely to protect the environment.

Primary 3 & 4 pupils will be able to,
– experience a workshop with a dancer.
– get ideas for their art-making from observing visuals and the world around them.
– describe the characteristics of living things through games and movement.
– show an understanding of animal life cycles.
– understand the consequences of our actions on the environment.
– care for the environment

Primary 5 & 6 pupils will be able to,
– explore The Good Garden and experience a workshop with a permaculture facilitator.
– apply processes, art materials and media during art-making that are appropriate to intentions.
– identify the factors that affect the survival of an organism.
– show an understanding that different habitats support different communities.
– show concern by being respectful and responsible towards the environment and the organisms living in it.
– describe how people live in other parts of the world.

Rates: $20 per child. 

Days and Time Slots:
Wednesdays: 0930am / 1115am
Thursdays: 0930am / 1115am / 230pm
Fridays: 0930am* / 1115am* / 230pm

If you are interested to arrange for a learning journey, please email booking@theartground.com.sg with your school’s name, contact details, number of students and their age groups. We will email you a booking form with our terms and conditions and FAQs. Confirmation by full payment should be made 3 weeks before the date of the learning journeys. For any queries, please contact booking@theartground.com.sg.

For parents of home-schoolers, please email booking@theartground.com.sg if you are interested to arrange for a learning journey.

*There will be no gardening workshops on Friday mornings.