Learning Journeys


Learning Journeys – I SΦ With My Little Eye

The Artground welcomes school visits from pre-schoolers and primary school pupils. Join us on our learning journeys and pupils will receive a resource kit containing information about our featured programmes and suggested activities and enjoy a workshop conducted by our artists/facilitators.

From Nov 9th 2017 till April 1st 2018,  students will get to play and discover “I SΦ with my Little Eye”, an interactive geometric visual space designed by artist Shahrul Jamili.

The artist was inspired by the golden ratio that we find within nature and the body. The golden radio defines the spiral arrangements that provide equal sunlight in plants. In our bodies, we find this divine proportion in our anatomy. The artist found relationships within the primary syllabus, where geometry can be explored through angles, fractions, sculpture and essentially through play in this interactive geometric visual space.

Learning Objectives
Preschoolers will be able to,
– Differentiate between different types of shapes e.g. what are the basic shapes you see in a face, a building or a plant?
– Identify lines of symmetry in the interactive exhibition
– Develop creativity and imagination when the children explore three-dimensional shapes, and create images with two dimensional objects
– explore The Good Garden and experience a workshop with a permaculture facilitator.

Primary 1 & 2 pupils will be able to,
– relate basic shapes with the environment they are in through movement of body in dance, pupils form shapes.
–  experience a workshop with a dance facilitator.

Primary 3 & 4 pupils will be able to,
– use 3D solids to create an art piece or something they can relate to daily life.
– explore The Good Garden and experience a workshop with a permaculture facilitator

Primary 5 & 6 pupils will be able to,
– to engage in simple designing techniques using 3D figures. They will also understand how art follows the golden ratio in geometry to make it look balanced and interesting.
– experience a workshop with a visual artist

Rates: $20 per child. 
Minimum participants: 15 pax
Each learning journey lasts 1 hour 30 mins.
Days and Time Slots:
Wednesdays: 0930am / 1130am
Thursdays: 0930am / 1130am / 230pm
Fridays: 0930am* / 1130am* / 230pm

If you are interested to arrange for a learning journey, please email booking@theartground.com.sg with your school’s name, contact details, number of students and their age groups. We will email you a booking form with our terms and conditions and FAQs. Confirmation by full payment should be made 3 weeks before the date of the learning journeys. For any queries, please contact booking@theartground.com.sg.

For parents of home-schoolers, please email booking@theartground.com.sg if you are interested to arrange for a learning journey.

*There will be no gardening workshops on Friday mornings.