GroundBreakers – Artist Incubation Programme – The Artground


GroundBreakers – Artist Incubation Programme


The Artground aims to be a space where all artists, young and younger, can be curious about discovering different ways of artmaking, and create works that are delightful for their audiences. We believe that all children deserve aesthetic experiences that are thoughtfully designed and considered. The Artground will provide the space, literal & figurative, for artmakers to conceptualize, to devise, to test and to design these experiences in order to break new ground in this field. As part of the Groundbreakers programme, The Artground (TAG) invites artists to propose ideas to be incubated at our space. Upon selection, all artists will embark on a year-long process and have:
– Access to The Artground for development and devising, schedule upon mutual discussion with TAG team
– A project stipend between $3,000 – $5,000, dependent on the nature of the project
– Ability to present WIP works to targeted age-groups as part of the developmental test-bedding process at The Artground and/or at pre-schools
– Feedback & responses from educators, parents and/or children at each stage of development
– Opportunities to share and network with overseas artists presented by The Artground.

GroundBreakers 2018

Slinky Sticky Toys by The Kueh Tutus

Sunny Islanders Project by Rolypoly kids

Invisible Invincible by My SuperFuture Theatrical Productions

GroundBreakers 2019

Outside by Brocolily

Tech Playground by The Kueh Tutus

Oddsocks by Five Stones Theatre

Anything Goes! By Keryn Ng and Neo Yan Zhong