First Love, First Loss by Seedlings

First Love, First Loss
By Seedlings | GroundBreakers 2020

First Love, First Loss
First Love, First Loss is a performance about the simple pleasures in life, and appreciating what we have when we lose something precious, like a good friend. The story follows the unlikely friendship of two girls, and hopes to explore the sensitive topic of loss, in an immersive, playful piece of theatre.
About the artists
 Seedlings is a collective formed by three child-like individuals, who also happen to be educators, simply because We Love Children! More often than not, we have shared stories between us and wound up in laughter and in tears about how our encounters with children surprise us with their honesty and candidness, which got us thinking: how do we then approach seemingly “adult” topics with them? Using the language of theatre, we hope to create a safe space where children are free to share their thoughts and emotions, pique their curiosity and facilitate their understanding of such “adult” topics – with their peers and us educators in their journey of discovery.