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Frequently asked questions (FH)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I book tickets to Explore Fungus Humongous?

Click on and click on the Arts Space Exploration only button which will bring you to the Peatix ticketing platform and you can choose your preferred date and time slots. Each group ticket is a $15 refundable deposit allowing up to 2 pax. Tickets are available 2 weeks in advance, and the weekend timing may vary depending on the availability of the programme, hence please read the terms and conditions carefully before making a booking. In the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited and deemed as a donation to The Artground’s operations.


If my child is sick on the actual day, can I request for a refund?

Unfortunately there are no refunds for programme tickets, however, if you have an Explore ticket, you can email us at a screenshot of your medical certificate, and we will refund you accordingly once we have received your supporting document.

Alternatively, you can transfer the tickets to another family/group via Peatix ticketing platform. 


Does my group need to be in the same household? 



Do I need to be vaccinated to enter The Artground?

No, however, all adults and children above 6 years old are required to be masked at all times and children above 2 years old are strongly encouraged to wear masks in our vicinity.


Does everyone in my group have to wear non-slip grip socks?

Yes, non-slip grip socks are mandatory in our arts space. You can bring your own socks or purchase a pair at our reception at $3/pair. We accept payment by Nets or PayNow. 


What are the changes in the house rules at the Arts Space?

Members from the same group must stay together within a play structure at all times during Exploration. Please practise social responsibility and ensure there is no intermingling.You will be advised to move to a different area or to explore a different arts structure if there is another group within the same space. We strongly encourage all visitors to take turns so that everyone has a chance to explore the different structures. 


How do I ensure that my child is exploring safely?

We sanitise the Visual Arts Space thoroughly after every session to ensure that it is safe before the next group arrives. One of our TAG staff will be stationed at the Visual Arts Space to ensure that each group adheres to prevailing Safe Management Measures. 

The Visual Arts Space has been carefully created and designed for children to explore and be curious. While we encourage children to have the freedom to explore, they do not have the freedom to destroy. If any structures are found to be damaged on purpose, penalty charges shall apply. 


What is a Programme + Explore ticket?

Programmes at The Artground are age-specific performances and workshops that families may attend. Upon booking a Programme + Explore ticket, ticket holders can attend a 30-minute (unless otherwise stated) arts programme and may also access the arts space Fungus Humongous 45 minutes before their scheduled programme start time.


Are Programme + Explore tickets refundable?

Unfortunately no. However, you may transfer your ticket to another family within the stipulated age group.


Can I change the date and time after I’ve purchased a ticket?

Unfortunately no. We strongly advise you to check the time and date of your ticket before purchasing. 


Why are some Programme + Explore tickets chargeable while some offer a refundable deposit?

The Artground (TAG) is vested in the development of artists working in the Arts for Young Audiences sector, and offers artist capability development programmes to support this. TAG provides the platform for these artists to test their ideas or present works-in-development and seek feedback from the audience after these sessions to further develop its theatrical experience. To bridge accessibility between artists and audiences, TAG offers these programmes for free (with a refundable deposit collected upon booking). To encourage bookings to be made considerately, in the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited. No cancellations are permitted.


Why can’t I purchase a “Admits 2 pax Programme + Explore ticket”?

It is likely that the tickets for that category are sold out. You can choose to purchase a Group ticket that admits 3 pax instead, but note that no refunds will be issued for the 3rd ticket. 


I’ve purchased a “Admits 2 pax Programme + Explore ticket”, but would like to bring an additional pax from the same household. What should I do?

Firstly, please make sure that the additional person is from the same household. If this additional person is a child, please make sure that he/she is of the recommended age group for the programme. You are welcome to get in touch with The Artground for further advice if needed. 

We will check if the arts programme has reached its maximum capacity, and if it hasn’t, you can pay for the additional ticket onsite. Do note that arts programmes can only accommodate a maximum of 4 per group from the same household.  

I would like to get a Programme + Explore ticket for my wife, son and I, but tickets for 3 pax are sold out and only tickets for 4 pax are available. Can I just pay for 3, or get a refund for the last ticket if I buy the ticket for 4 pax?

Based on our current reduced operating capacity, we have allocated specific limited bundle ticket packages to manage our capacity and cost. We are required to limit the number of groups entering our premises due to Safe Management Measures hence any reduction in the reallocation will impact our ability to ride through this post-covid time. Hence, we seek your understanding that we will not be able to accede to requests on reallocation of our bundles, or refunds on extra tickets. Please look out for tickets for another time and date if you don’t wish the forfeit the extra ticket.

Can I organise a playdate at TAG with children from a different household?

Unfortunately, no, even if you and your friend have booked and paid for separate group tickets. Due to current Safe Management Measures, groups will NOT be able to intermingle and are required to keep a 1-metre distance from other groups at all times. Groups who do not comply with prevailing Safe Management Measures and TAG’s guidelines may be asked to leave The Artground. In our experience, it can be extremely challenging to keep little friends apart from one another, hence we strongly discourage the organising of playdates between different households in order to avoid any disappointment.