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The Artground provides tiered levels of access and engagement through our programmes, so that families with young children can choose from across a spectrum of drop-in programmes to ticketed programmes.

The weekend schedule changes week to week and patrons are encouraged to check our website to see what’s on.

$10 weekend drop-in programmes

Little Green Thumbs
by Cultivate Central

The Little Green Thumbs series are short gardening, playtime and art sessions inspired that take place at The Good Garden – a children’s urban food garden initiative by Cultivate Central for The Artground.
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Terrific Tales
by The Storytelling Centre Limited
Suitable for ages 3 – 7 years

The perfect introduction to the art of storytelling especially for little listeners by Young Storytellers. Highly interactive and energetic, Terrific Tales takes place on most Sundays at The Artground with different themes each month. Sessions end with a simple craft activity that you can take home. 

Baby Beat
by Kulcha Pop
Suitable for ages 8 – 36 months.

A cozy performance of classical music favourites with classic and ethnic instruments for the youngest of audiences. Each session features a keyboardist with different soloists playing instruments such as the er hu, violin, or flute. 

Bitesize Lil’ Creatures
by Little Creatures
Suitable for ages 5 – 30 months

Explore, experiment and simply experience with musicians in spontaneous musical play! Each session features live musicians as they explore creating meaningful sounds with babies









Thumpety Thump
by Bounch and The Band
Suitable for ages 5 years and up

A fun and energetic percussive experience where kids get to try hand held instruments and jam with the band.









A Tiny Beat
by My Piano Room
Suitable for ages 3 – 5 years

A sharing of musical concepts and rhythm through music, movement and games for young children.








Rolypoly Family Dance Party
by Rolypoly Family
Suitable for ages 2 years and up

Join Rolypoly Family for a super fun filled dance party with moves and music that will be a hit with children and grown ups.








Dance Playground
by Rolypoly Family
Suitable for ages 2 years and up

Dance Playground is where Rolypoly Family explore dance and movement through unusual play structures and get (a little) messy. We play games that transform dance and movement into visual forms – watch the wiggles turn into squiggles!








Bollywood Jingles

Suitable for ages 4 – 8 years

Learn basic Bollywood moves and grooves in this fun and energetic session!







Here. There, Where?
by The Kueh Tutus
Suitable for ages 4 years and up

In this participatory performance, your actions dictate where the dancers go. See how a video-game can come to life and figure out how to Level Up.








Slinky Stretchy Toys
by The Kueh Tutus
Suitable for ages 4 years and up

Spring, bounce, wiggle! Discover a whole new world of movement with our dancers in Slinky Stretchy Toys a performance excerpt for active children aged 4+.

Slinky Stretchy Toys is a Groundbreaker’s initiative.
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Cardboard City
by Artist-in-Residence, Stan
Suitable for Pre-walking babies

An exploration for pre-walking babies to inhabit and extend their spatial awareness amongst the everyday materials in this City designed just for them.








Invisible Invincible
by MySuperFuture
Suitable for ages 2 – 6 years

We have a bag of everything that is full of “INVISIBLE” surprises. We need your imaginative help to fulfil some fun tasks! Let your children explore imagination through the medium of invisibility.

Invisible Invincible is a Groundbreaker’s initiative.
For more info, please click here.









Let’s Bag it!
by Harng
Suitable for 3 years and up

Collage making has never been more fun, especially when the little ones not only get creative during the art process but also use this personalised bag to store their daily belongings. Learn about the different colours, shapes and sizes through cloth collaging. If you have a particular theme in mind, share it with our artist, and leave the rest to the children’s imagination!








Craft sessions
with art@homesg
Suitable for 3 years and up

art@homesg provides an array of craft workshops at The Artground, with familiar favourites such as Colour Scientist and Googly Doodly Monsters to Shelly Snail and Ocean Sea Creatures. Head Elf of art@homesg, Cherlyn Mark often dreams up new delightful art activities that even the littlest ones can engage in.