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Little Green Thumbs by Cultivate Central

Little Green Thumbs by Cultivate Central

Weekends at TAG: Drop- In Programmes, $10 per parent-child pair

The Little Green Thumbs series are short gardening, playtime and art sessions inspired that take place at The Good Garden – a children’s urban food garden initiative by Cultivate Central for The Artground.

Some of these sessions sepcially designed by Cultivate Central include

Worms Love Coffee! (2 – 3 years) – Children will get to meet the friendly creatures that live underground. Through observation of worms, and what they eat, the children will understand about compost, experience various sensory stimuli, and also get to bring back their very own coffee drawing!

Seed Dumplings (2 – 3 years) – Children will get to make their own seed balls with a concoction of clay, compost, coco peat and seeds to form a seed dumpling in their favourite shapes and grow them at home with just a few simple steps.

Yummy Microgreens (4 years and up): In this workshop, children will create and design their own upcycled pot, and mix their own compost/soil, and bring home their own harvest of microgreens!

The Good Garden is a food garden for children and their communities to shape and connect with nature. A place to nurture a sense of what it means to help things grow. A space to explore, be curious and create in. A whimsical spot to cultivate food, artistic expressions, collaboration, communities, diversity and earth care together.