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Age group: 18 – 30 months
30 minutes
$18 (Admits 1 child and 1 accompany carer)

2nd June: 2.30 – 3pm
23rd June: 10.30 – 11am
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TUG is a performative play session for children between 18 – 30 months. It uses music and the everyday material of strings and creativity in play to connect individuals and build relationships within each performance. Each session has a max capacity of 15 parent-child pairs.
Age group: 2 – 4 years old
45 minutes
$20 (Admits one, all children to be parent/carer accompanied)
22nd June, Saturday: 2 – 2.45pm
23rd June, Sunday: 2 – 2.45pm
29th June, Saturday: 2 – 2.45pm
30th June, Sunday: 2 – 2.45pm 
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BEAM by The Artground’s Artist-in-Residence, Stan, in collaboration with Tiny Feat and The Finger Players.
A girl, a light beam and a series of adventures. Beam takes the audience on a sensorial journey and encourages everyone to see the world they live in in a different light and appreciate beauty in the little things in life. After the performance, children will get to create their own mobile light kit to carry on their own adventures.  

What Does The World Need to Hear?
Age group: 6 – 12 years old (minimum admission age is 5 years old, to be accompanied by an adult)
90 minutes
$20 (Admits one)
1st June, Saturday: 12.30-2pm
2nd June, Sunday: 12.30-2pm

8th June, Saturday: 4.30-6pm
9th June, Saturday: 4.30-6pm 
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Q: What Does The World Need to Hear?
A: Children.
Australian artist, Alex Desebrock, believes that children are sometimes exactly what the world needs to hear. That their perspective, cutting honesty, creativity, humour and insight are not given enough recognition. This workshop will delve deeper into this big question and invite children to write and draw their answers to be delivered to the general public. Through an interactive drop-off workshop comprising of speeches by other young people in the world, critical thinking and brainstorming, these answers will be on display at The Artground between the 1st to 16th June before a mass public deliver on Sunday, 16th June, 2019. 

Age group: 6 – 12 years old
120 minutes
$20 (Admits 1 child and 1 accompanying carer)
12th June, Wednesday: 10-12pm
13th June, Thursday: 10-12pm
14th June, Friday, 10-12pm
15th June, Saturday, 10-12pm
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Come and experience a variety of brand new interactive experiences for children and families. A team of artists from Australia and Singapore are developing new works & need your expert audience opinion. A bit like a lucky dip, you will get to experience treasured moments designed by some of Singapore and Australia’s most interesting children’s artists. 

Mozart 36

The Mozart 36 by Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series is coming to The Artground with their specially designed Concerts for Children.

Age group: 0 – 12 years
30 minutes – 50 minutes
$24- $32(Admits one)
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Mozart: The Lightness of Being

10am 8 Jun 2019 for ages 0-2 (30 mins)
11am 8 Jun 2019 for ages 2-4 (30 mins)

Discover the lightness of being in Mozart amidst bubbles, feathers, balloons, and streamers, with our fun animateur and internationally acclaimed chamber musicians. Through moving rhythmically with world-class music, children will physically revel in the lightness and joy of Mozart’s music.

Mozart: His Colour Palette of Emotions

1pm 8 Jun 2019 for ages 4-6 (40 mins)
11am 9 Jun 2019 for ages 6-12 (50 mins)
12:30pm 9 Jun 2019 for ages 6-12 (50 mins)

From day to night, from dark to light, explore the full colour palette of emotions in the music of Mozart with our engaging animateur and internationally acclaimed chamber musicians.  Children will nurture their varied sense of emotions through exploration and expressive artwork, with the support of world-class music.
*Admission only for children ages 12 and under. Admission not for adults. Exception made for children ages 4 & under. Accompanying parents allowed for each child age 4 & under. Accompanying parents will also need tickets.

Storytelling through Indian dance gestures by Apsarsas Arts
Age group: 4 – 6 years old
60 minutes
$16 (Admits one)
13th June, Thursday: 2 – 3pm

15th June, Saturday: 4.30 – 5.30pm
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One of the most striking features of Indian classical dance is the use of hand gestures. Speaking in dance via gestures, rather than orally, in order to visually convey story, events or describing objects, as well expressing emotions. Apsaras Arts has designed a unique program for young kids to be exposed to this fascinating feature of Indian dance, and learn to express themselves using these beautiful hand gestures.