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INHEPI Lab 2019

In June, 8 Singapore based artists came together to participate in the INHEPI Lab with Australian artists Alex Desebrock and Dan Goronszy. Led by Alex Desebrock, INHEPI  is an intensive week of artist collaboration that aims to seed new interactive works for children. Criteria for application were as follows: For artists from Australia and Singapore who
– work in children’s interactive arts experiences
– work in interactive arts experiences and interested in creating work for children
– work in the Arts for Young Audiences sector and interested in creating interactive works.
INHEPI is for curious beings, interested in collaborating, asking questions and testing new ideas.

Each day the group decides on 1-2 questions they’d like to investigate and use as stimulus for creation. For example, how can we explore trust with children? How can we make a work about water? How can we explore resilience in an interactive work?

Alone or in small groups we then create a small experience that explores a set question. We share this with each other as “audience”, give feedback and then test it with a children’s audience & receive feedback from them.

Over 5 days we end up having lots of “seeds” of work that we’ve created with different collaborators in the group. Past INHEPIs have seeded works that lead to further development and/or future collaborations.



For more information:
Watch: Here is a video of the INHEPI that occurred at ArtPlay, Melbourne.

Past INHEPI’s have occurred in Denmark, France, Italy & Australia.

Host info:
INHEPI Lab is being lead by Australian artist Alex Desebrock from Maybe (  ) Together, and co-founder of the initial INHEPI at Carte Blanche in Denmark.

The Artground is an arts space in Singapore that aims to provide positive arts experiences across a variety of art forms for children aged 12 and under in an accessible space that welcomes children from every community. We are interested to create, develop and support platforms for original content that are engaging and age appropriate across a variety of presentation modes.