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I SΦ with my Little Eye

From 9th November till 8 April 2018, we present “I SΦ with my Little Eye”, an interactive geometric visual space, designed by artist Shahrul Jamili.

This exhibition takes children on a journey as they act as “little spies” to investigate new ways of envisioning and moving through 3D structures. They will also get to re-imagine how space and shapes can be creatively transformed, as they climb up, over and under.

Shahrul Jamili
Shahrul Jamili

Shahrul Jamili is a mixed media artist who uses printmaking and sculpting techniques in his work. Through the vibrancy of colours and the array of geometric shapes used in his art pieces, Shahrul endeavours to inspire young children’s appreciation of the intricacies of designs as a maker of objects.

“I SΦ with my Little Eye” exhibition dates: 9 Nov 2017 – 8 April 2018

Opening Hours: Wed and Thurs 930am to 5pm, Fri, Sat & Sun 930am – 6pm.

*closed on Mon & Tues

Access into The Artground is Free.