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Down The Rabbit Hole

July 2017 to October 2017 –  Down The Rabbit Hole was an interactive visual arts exhibition created by Poh Ya See for children to hop, skip, climb and crawl to explore the world of animals that live underground.

In the blink of an eye, we’ve come to the end of our maiden exhibition Down The Rabbit Hole. It has been an awesome 4 months, and a huge learning curve for each one of us at The Artground. We thank you artists, facilitators, friends and parents for your input to make The Artground the best that it can be for the children.

And to all the curious children, THANK YOU so much! Whether you were The Wolf, Chicken Licken, The Tortoise, The Lion, The Rabbit and the good listeners at our storytelling sessions, the little worm lovers and micro green planters at our gardening sessions, the movers and shakers at our Wriggle and Giggle and Bollywood classes, the slimers, the little art makers at our art and craft sessions and in The Cube, and most importantly, the foam noodle putter-backers, we thank you so much.



About Poh Ya See
About Poh Ya See

Poh Ya See is a mixed media artist whose practice weaves current social trends with personal experiences. Constantly seeking to put a smile on the faces of her audience, Ya See effectively expresses quirky and whimsical narratives in her art pieces through a pallet of cheerful colours and a medley of motifs.