Weekends at The Artground – 26th and 27th January – The Artground


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Weekends at The Artground – 26th and 27th January

Weekends at The Artground – 26th and 27th January

From 24th January till 5th May 2019, we present Wild Rumpus –  an invitation into an imaginary world of creatures big, small, flurry or gentle, and to make friends whoever is hiding behind the corner. Embrace the world of tactile material and feel what it is like to hug, cuddle and squeeze into something out of the ordinary. Entry into The Artground itself is free and donations are encouraged.

TAG Drop-in Programmes
Every weekend, The Artground organises a variety of age-specific drop-in programmes that participants will get to enjoy on a first come, first served basis, inside our Whitebox. Each programme will be charged at $10 per parent-child pair. You can purchase a single ticket, TAG cards for 5 or 10 + 1 sessions at $50 and $100 respectively at the reception. There is no registration for these activities as they are first come, first served. An announcement will be made 5 mins before each programme and the first XX number of children in the queue will get to enjoy the programme (XX refers to the age-specified & capacity of the programme, ie Shapes Splash! is for the first 20 children from 4 years old).

Please see schedule below for the programmes this weekend. There will be no need to pre-register on our website for entry into The Artground. Parents and carers will just need to register on our portable tablets on site.

Time: 26th January, Saturday 27th January, Sunday
10.30am A Tiny Beat by My Piano Room (3 - 5 years) Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop (8 - 36 months)
11.30am Shapes Splash! The Good Giftery (4 years and up) Terrific Tales by The Storytelling Centre Limited - Tiger Tales (3 - 7 years)
2.30pm Cardboard City by Stan (Strictly Pre-walking babies) Bollywood Jingles (4 - 8 years)
3.30pm Craftermusician by My Piano Room - Animal Tambourines (2 - 6 years) Thumpety Thump with Bounch and The Band (5 years and up)
4.30pm Rolypoly Family Dance Party (2 years and up) Monster Stampede by art@homesg (3 years and up)

All programmes are 30 mins unless otherwise stated and are first come, first served.

A Tiny Beat by My Piano Room:  A sharing of musical concepts and rhythm through music, movement and games for young children.

Shape Splash! By The Good Giftery: Come join our shape friends as they  transform into mountains, fountains and bridges. Then, create your own shape picture bag with upcycled textiles.

Cardboard City by Stan (Strictly Pre-walking babies): An exploration for pre-walking babies to inhabit and extend their spatial awareness amongst the everyday materials in this City designed just for them.

Craftermusician by My Piano Room:  An exciting craft and music workshop rolled into one! Make your own music instruments and play on them immediately with our fun instructors! Be a craftermusician today!

Rolypoly Family Dance Party: Join Rolypoly Family for groovy moves and funky music, in a party especially for children and grown-ups to dance it out together!

Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop:  A cozy performance of classical music favourites with classic and ethnic instruments for the youngest of audiences. This session features Rozie on Er Hu and Zhong Hu and Stan on keyboard.

Terrific Tales by The Storytelling Centre Ltd: The perfect introduction to the art of storytelling especially for little listeners, followed by a simple craft activity. This month, come listen to Tiger Tales!

Bollywood Jingles!:  Come join in with your favourite person to move your body to bollywood grooves in this fun and energetic session!

Thumpety Thump with Bounch and The Band : A fun and energetic percussive experience where kids get to try hand held instruments and jam with the band.

Monster Stampede: The monsters are here at TAG and there are simply too many of them! Help us keep track of them by drawing their portraits for our record!