Weekends at The Artground – 23rd and 24th February – The Artground


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Weekends at The Artground – 23rd and 24th February

Weekends at The Artground – 23rd and 24th February

From 24th January till 5th May 2019, we present Wild Rumpus –  an invitation into an imaginary world of creatures big, small, flurry or gentle, and to make friends whoever is hiding behind the corner. Embrace the world of tactile material and feel what it is like to hug, cuddle and squeeze into something out of the ordinary. Entry into The Artground itself is free and donations are encouraged.

This weekend, we have an array of our regular age-specific drop-in programmes as well as Ticketed Performance – TUG
Ticketed Programmes
The Artground occasionally plays host to ticketed performances and workshops. Patrons are required to purchase tickets beforehand to secure their slot.
TAG Drop-in Programmes
Every weekend, The Artground organises a variety of age-specific drop-in programmes that participants will get to enjoy on a first come, first served basis, inside our Whitebox. Each programme will be charged at $10 per parent-child pair. You can purchase a single ticket, TAG cards for 5 or 10 + 1 sessions at $50 and $100 respectively at the reception. There is no registration for these activities as they are first come, first served. An announcement will be made 5 mins before each programme and the first XX number of children in the queue will get to enjoy the programme (XX refers to the age-specified & capacity of the programme, ie Craftermusician! is for the first 20 children between 2 – 6 years old).

Please see schedule below for the programmes this weekend. There will be no need to pre-register on our website for entry into The Artground. Parents and carers will just need to register on our portable tablets on site.

Time: 23rd February, Saturday 24th February, Sunday
10.30am TUG by Stan (18-30 months) *TICKETED PROGRAMME ($15 per Parent/Child) Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop (8 - 36 months)
11.30am Here, There, Where? by The Kueh Tutus (4 years and up) Terrific Tales by The Storytelling Centre Limited - Oink and Squeak (3 - 7 years)
2.30pm Cardboard City by Stan (Strictly Pre-walking babies) Little Blob by art@homesg (3 years and up)
3.30pm The Painter's Waltz (5-11 months, Crawlers) by The Kueh Tutus Craftermusician by My Piano Room - Castanets (2 - 6 years)
4.30pm It's a Piece of Case! (3 years and up) Rolypoly Family Dance Party (2 years and up)

All programmes are 30 mins unless otherwise stated and are first come, first served.

TUG by Stan is a performative play session for children between 18 – 30 months. It uses music and the everyday material of strings and creativity in play to connect individuals and build relationships within each performance.  TUG is a project developed as part of the Artist-in-Residency programme at The Artground. [Ticketed Programme] Book tickets here. 

Here. There, Where? by The Kueh TutusIn this participatory performance, your actions dictate where the dancers go. See how a video-game can come to life and figure out how to Level Up.

Cardboard City by Stan (Strictly Pre-walking babies): An exploration for pre-walking babies to inhabit and extend their spatial awareness amongst the everyday materials in this City designed just for them.

The Painter’s Waltz by The Kueh TutusThis new take on some of our favourite waltzes is a multi-sensory dance performance for babies 5 to 11 months old. Join us as we transform a blank canvas into a picture of vibrant colour.

It’s a Piece of Case!: Express your creativity and create your very own pencil case using fabric scraps.

Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop:  A cozy performance of classical music favourites with classic and ethnic instruments for the youngest of audiences.

Terrific Tales by The Storytelling Centre Ltd: The perfect introduction to the art of storytelling especially for little listeners. Let’s welcome the year of the Pig with some Oink & Squeak stories! This month we revisit classic fairytales about three little pigs who outwitted the big, bad wolf. Listen to the chain story rhyme of the old woman whose pig refused to jump over a stile. Meet the young piglet whose ambition was to become king and leader of all. And squeak along with the mouse family as they go looking for the ideal husband for the little mouse bride.

Little Blob by art@homesg: Join Little Blob on its self discovery journey! Make your marbled Little Blob with simple craft materials such as glitter, pompoms and googly eyes, to bring home and continue with the story telling on your own.

Craftermusician by My Piano Room: An exciting craft and music workshop rolled into one! Make your own music instruments and play on them immediately with our fun instructors! Be a craftermusician today!

Rolypoly Family Dance Party : Join Rolypoly Family for a dance party with moves and music that will be a hit with children and grown ups.