Weekends at The Artground – 22nd and 23rd June – The Artground


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Weekends at The Artground – 22nd and 23rd June

Weekends at The Artground – 22nd and 23rd June

From 23th May till 15th September 2019, we present Happy Homebodies –  Happy Homebodies features creativity in the simplicity of everyday life. Make new discoveries about common objects at home which are beautifully transformed into an uncommon experience. The magic of this exploration is that it shows children new ways of looking at ordinary objects around us. From a simple dot to the intricate lines that characterise the different parts and objects in a house, journey through the little spaces which open up new possibilities for imagination and innovation! Entry into The Artground itself is free and donations are encouraged.

Ticketed Programmes
The Artground occasionally plays host to ticketed performances and workshops. Patrons are required to purchase tickets online if you’d like to attend. (Link provided below).

Drop-in Programmes
Every weekend, The Artground organises a variety of age-specific drop-in programmes that participants will get to enjoy on a first come, first served basis, inside our Whitebox. Each programme will be charged at $10 per parent-child pair, which you can pay in the queue just before the programme starts. There is no registration for these activities as they are first come, first served (unless stated otherwise). An announcement will be made 5 mins before each programme and the first XX number of children in the queue will get to enjoy the programme (XX refers to the age-specified & capacity of the programme, ie Thumpety Thump is for the first 15 children between 5 – 12 years old).

Please see schedule below for the programmes this weekend. There will be no need to pre-register on our website for entry into The Artground. Parents and carers will just need to register on our portable tablets on site.

Time: 22nd June, Saturday 23rd June, Sunday
10.30am Drop-in Programme Little Green Thumbs by Cultivate Central - Seed Dumplings (2 - 3 years) Ticketed Programme SOLD OUT TUG by Stan (18-30 months)
11.30am Drop-in Programme Little Green Thumbs by Cultivate Central - Yummy Microgreens (4 years and up) Drop-in Programme - Shapes Splash! by The Good Giftery (4 years and up)
2.00pm Ticketed Programme BEAM by Stan (2-4 years) (45 minutes) Ticketed Programme BEAM by Stan (2 - 4 years) (45 minutes)
3.30pm Drop-in Programme Dance Party by Rolypoly Family (2-6 years) Drop-in Programme - Underwater Worlds by Joao Gouveia and Petra Vossenberg (3 – 7 years)
4.30pm Drop-in Programme Let's Bag It! by Harng (3 years and up) Drop-in Programme - Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop (8 – 36 months)

All programmes are 30 mins unless otherwise stated.

Little Green Thumbs – Seed Dumplings by Cultivate Central: Seed Dumplings by Cultivate Central: Children will get to make their own seed balls with a concoction of clay, compost, coco peat and seeds to form a seed dumpling in their favourite shapes and grow them at home with just a few simple steps.

Little Green Thumbs – Yummy Microgreens by Cultivate Central: In this workshop, children will create and design their own upcycled pot, and mix their own compost/soil, and bring home their own harvest of microgreens!

BEAM by Stan [Ticketed Performance]: Show: A girl, a light beam and a series of adventures. Beam takes the audience on a sensorial journey and ecourages everyone to see the world they live in in a different light and appreciate beauty in the finer things in life. Book your tickets here.

Dance Party by Rolypoly Family: Join Rolypoly Family for a dance party with moves and music that will be a hit with children and grown ups

Let’s Bag it! by Harng: Express your creativity by designing your own artwork using fabric scraps! Collage making has never been more fun, especially when the little ones not only get creative but also use this bag to store their daily belongings.  

TUG by Stan [Ticketed Performance][SOLD OUT]TUG is a performative play session for children between 18 – 30 months. Using the everyday material of strings and creativity in play to connect individuals and build relationships within each performance.  Each session has a max capacity of 12 parent-child pairs.
TUG is a project developed as part of Stan’s Artist-in-Residency at The Artground.

Shapes Splash! by The Good Giftery: Come join our shape friends as they  transform into mountains, fountains and bridges. Then, create your own shape picture bag with upcycled textiles.

Underwater Worlds by Petra Vossenberg and Joao Gouveia: We will navigate through the theme of Underwater Worlds and through movement we will create a story together. We invite the children to move in space with us and share their imagination in feeding the story.

Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop: A cozy performance of classical music favourites with classic and ethnic instruments for the youngest of audiences.