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EPIC – Artist Capability Development


Exposure, Participate, Innovate and Create

E.P.I.C. is The Artground’s artist development and international artist exchange programme developed to leverage on its international networks of art-makers. E.P.I.C stands for Exposure, Participate, Innovate and Create, and is targeted at local artists interested in developing their practise in work for young audiences.

Locally, Theatre for Young Audiences are still in its infancy stage due to the scarcity in professional practices and companies in this area. But there is a growing interest amongst parents and artists for experiential content for the early years.

The EPIC programme aims to feed this hunger and nurture this desire to develop and design works that are developmentally appropriate. The EPIC programme provides tiered levels of engagement for the artists centred in a geographical location/festival. The programme aims to spark new conceptual practices in order to develop original content that are universal, by meeting The Artground’s EPIC objectives.

Each EPIC experience will be unique and encompass the following:

Exposure:  To expose our local practitioners to a diverse range of presentations and content plausible for theatre for young audiences within the international festival/festival city.

Participate: To create participatory platforms/masterclasses based on dramaturgical research and ideas for these practising artists to embody, which can enforce their devising practices in these areas. In addition to a strong practice, it is necessary to employ with pedagogical know-hows and early childhood developmental milestones to design a work that can engage and excite a young inquisitive mind.

Innovate: In designing a programme that combines theory, research-led practicum, and exchange programmes with emerging and practising A4YA artists, we hope to spark innovative ways of developing works that are relevant to our scene and audiences.

Create: We hope that the E.P.I.C. programme will inspire our local artists to create works for young audiences that are ground-breaking and delightful.

EPIC@Melbourne, 2018

In 2018, The Artground had the privilege of taking 15 Singapore based artists to Melbourne, Australia. TAG had partnered with The Melbourne Fringe Festival to bring artists on a 9 day programme that included private visits artspaces like National Gallery of Victoria,  Gandel’s Children museum (Melbourne Museum), ArtPlay; artist networking and roundtable discussions with Australian artists; a 2 day masterclass with dramaturg Sarah Austin; as well as got to watch all the performance and presentations for Arts For Young Audiences as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

EPIC@Edinburgh, 2019

In 2019, The Artground took 10 Singapore based artists to Edinburgh, Scotland as delegates of the Edinburgh Children’s Festival. In this 9 day programme, TAG teamed with Imaginate, and the artists got to attend many talks, networking events and wonderful performances for Arts For Young Audiences, as well as a Masterclass conducted by Christine Devaney from Curious Seed, alongside 5 Scottish based A4YA artists.