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Deep Sea – A Digital Experience

Here we go: Into the Deep Sea
(A TAG Digital Programme)

The Artground presents an exciting new opportunity for children aged 4 to 8 years old to be engaged in our specially curated digital arts experience associated with our current Visual Arts Space Deep Sea. This includes a short interactive film, animated digital post activity and a web-based augmented reality experience at the comfort of your classrooms!

This programme is supported by the National Arts Council as part of the Digital Presentation Grant for the Arts (DPG).


The programme combines elements of storytelling with local actors playing different characters in the deep sea and an accompaniment of animation effects and music.

Interactive Short Film

The interactive short film tells the story of Luna, (played by local actor, Cheryl KJM), who is carrying her Grandmother’s treasure box whilst sailing on her little boat. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept by her boat and she accidentally dropped the treasure box into the sea. She seeks help from her sea friends (played by local actor Yazid Jalil) to come along to help retrieve her Grandmother’s treasure box, as they go on an underwater adventure together.

This digital experience is further enhanced through creative movement as well as hands-on components that incorporate art concepts. In the film, artists would engage the children through dramatisation of various sea creatures. Children will also get to draw lines and patterns individually to create an imagined seascape.

Digital Activity Video

This digital activity video will be emailed to the school and teachers can conduct post-activity engagement after watching the short film. The content is co-developed by arts educator Cherlyn Mak from Art Away Studio. Illustrations are done by artist Wu Yanrong who conceptualised the Deep Sea Arts Space.

Web-based Augmented Reality

Experience the Deep Sea come to live in your classrooms! Please download the ARTIVIVE app on your mobile/tablet. For optimal viewing on your browser, please reduce the width of your browser, so that the images appear in full. You may also want connect it to a projector for a bigger viewing experience. Enjoy!

Illustration and animation done by DPLMT.

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Deep Sea Arts Space at The Artground

Deep Sea
explores the lesser known part of the ocean where there is little food and oxygen, high pressure and no sunlight. The arts space is designed to trigger discussions regarding different underwater experiences that children can possibly imagine; from diving into water to being “submerged” to “sinking” into the seabed. In the centre, the whale carcass forms the main structure as it does on sea floors, creating important long-lasting ecosystems. Built to promote experiential moments and teachable moments, the arts space allows visitors to immerse and wonder.

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Arts Learning Journey includes a 30 minute art-related programme as well as exploration of Deep Sea Arts Space.