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Cardboard City by Stan

Cardboard City

An exploration for pre-walking babies to inhabit and extend their spatial awareness amongst the everyday materials in this City designed just for them. Made and designed using recycled cardboard and yarn, pre-walking babies are free to explore, make sounds and interact with other babies in a safe environment. It is part of the repertoire of weekend arts programmes at The Artground.

About the Artist 
Stan is a musician, educator and maker, interested in creating music that enscones traditional instruments in sounds that are accessible in today’s society. She helms My Piano Room, a piano school that focuses on teaching children as young as 3.5 years using a special syllabus she’s developed as a result of my experiences as a music educator.

Education and music are both important callings for her and whilst composing and performing music for theatre pieces for babies in 2017, she was inspired to create pieces for babies under 18 months that were simple in concept and used sustainable materials. She loves making things by hand and using handmade props or sets in her works as it makes her feel like she’s incorporating warmth and love into these experiential installations.

Cardboard City was her first work developed as an Artist-in-Residence at The Artground.