Blast Off! by Zip Zap Zoom Collective

Blast Off! by Zip Zap Zoom Collective

3… 2… 1… Blast Off! 
Welcome to the Z3 Space Station, Space Explorers! You have been called to your first mission: to explore Planet TAG—a new planet filled with endless possibilities that await your discovery. Embark on this mission with Commander Jet and work together with fellow Space Explorers to overcome challenges, accomplish your mission and be the best Astronaut in space!
Come on board, suit up and get ready to Blast Off!

Blast Off! is a site-specific roving theatre experience that activates familiar spaces with the power of imagination.
Audiences will journey with the characters of Blast Off! as Space Explorers, and they will explore a familiar space, imagining it as a new planet—one that has yet to be discovered, and one that is filled with possibilities.Throughout their journey on this new planet, challenges and obstacles may arise, and audiences will be invited to voice out their ideas and solutions and to actively participate in overcoming them together.

A truly immersive and participative experience, Blast Off! puts children’s voices at its forefront. The experience aims to empower children to take the lead, investigate into problems, discover creative solutions, and work together to problem-solve and overcome challenges.

Blast Off! is currently being developed at The Artgroud under the GroundBreakers programme 2020 and is currently suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years old.
Due to the nature of the performance, audiences will be required to travel around the space for the full experience.

About Zip Zap Zoom Collective
Zip Zap Zoom Collective is dedicated to creating arts experiences for young audiences.
The collective was founded by 3 core members—Claris Tan, Elizabeth Loh, and Jeremy Leong.
Actors by profession, the 3 members are also skilled in various performative art forms such as dance, music, puppetry, and storytelling for young audiences.
The collective’s mission is to create immersive arts experiences that encourage their audiences to imagine, investigate, and explore beyond the given.

Zip Zap Zoom Collective believes that every child possesses a unique voice and an inherently creative spirit; the collective aims to create arts experiences that encourage and cultivate those qualities.

Come zip, zap, and zoom together with the collective! @zipzapzoom.collective