Birthday Parties - The Artground


Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at The Artground

Saturday bookings – 2nd week of the month
Sunday bookings – 4th week of the month

Time: 2pm-5pm

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum Capacity:
60 pax (including children with accompanying adults)
Maximum no. of children for Craft Activity: 36 pax







$800 (flat fee, no GST charge)
Includes a 30min artist-led programme

What does it include:
• Exploratory play at the Visual Arts Space (2pm-3pm & 3.30pm-4pm)
• Craft Activity in the Whitebox (3pm-3.30pm – fixed timing)
• Dining in the Whitebox, food and drinks are not included (4pm-5pm)
• Party hosts can arrange for catered food for their guests
• Free E-invite

* 1.30pm-2pm: Party hosts can set up their decor/food&drinks in the Whitebox only 
• 2pm: Guests Arrival and Check In
• 2pm – 3pm: Exploratory play at the Arts Space (1hr)
• 3pm -3.30pm: Craft Activity by Art Away Studio (30mins) *Fixed timing
• 3.30pm – 4pm: Exploratory play at the Arts Space (30mins)
• 4pm – 5pm: Dining in the WhiteBox (1hr)
• 5pm: Exit & Departure
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Full payment has to be made within 30 days from the invoice date.
Please read the terms and conditions in the booking form carefully.

Exploratory Play

You guests will be exclusive use of the arts space. We change our arts space yearly, so you can celebrate your child’s birthday with a different theme every year!
Craft Workshop

Art Away Studio is made up of a group of merry magical creatures, often disguised as art teachers, but once you get to know them, they wouldn’t hesitate to share their magic and love for art with you! They mostly give private art classes at the student’s house, but occasionally does workshops outside too – like at The Artground. You’ll mostly see their Head Elf Cherlyn, who’s also a watercolour artist, leading the workshops as their other elves are more low profile.

Craft Activities by Art Away Studio

Shrinky Dinks – suitable for all ages 
A great activity for children to create their own unique personalised artworks that can be used to tag their bags, water bottles and any other belongings!

Shrinky Dinks can be made into Keychains, Necklaces or Bookmarks.
Please choose one of the 3 options.

Initial Art Painting (on paper) – suitable for all ages

Whether it is messy play with paints, or some intricate pattern-making for the older ones, this personalised Initial Art Painting will be a great way to remember the day.

Optional Add-ons:
Canvas drawstring bag: $2/piece | Canvas tote bag: $5/piece
Foam Printing (on paper) – suitable for 4 years old and above
Carve your own designs on foam and print your masterpieces. 
If you have a theme, and would like some templates for your guests to trace, you can also let us know so we can get our artists to prepare.

Optional Add-ons:

Canvas drawstring bag: $2/piece | Canvas tote bag: $5/piece
Dreamcatchers (suitable for 5 years old and above)
Weave your own dreamcatchers to hang in your room. Younger children can weave on a paper plate while the activity can be scaffolded by removing the plate and/or adding tassels and poms poms.
Kaleidoscope (suitable for 5 years old and above)
Kaleidoscope comes from the Greek language which means ‘observer of beautiful forms. Upcycle those toilet rolls into a magical kaleidoscopic experience by designing your own patterns on the inside and