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Arts Space Open Call

Arts Space Open Call has closed.
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Visual Arts Space Open Call

The Artground – A Curious Place To Be is managed and nurtured by The Ground Co Limited, a registered arts charity. We aim to provide positive arts experiences across a variety of art forms for children from birth to 9 years old in an accessible space that welcomes children from every community.

The Artground’s Visual Arts Space, is the body of the arts centre. It is a space where children and their families feel comfortable to visit, explore and expose themselves to quality arts experiences. It aims to bridge the gap between arts and play, while the child develops physical, social and communicative skills through their interactions with the space and with one another. This is also a communal ground which supports and encourages the exchange of shared arts experiences between young families.

The Artground is invested in working with artist(s) and strives to be an essential part in their development during this process. This visual arts space design initiative is a great platform for artist(s) who are interested in using their craft and transforming it into space design for children.

Who are we looking for?
Fun-loving people with the desire to create beautiful things for children! We welcome creatives who may not have relevant former experience and/or arts training, including those who are self-taught. More details can be found in the document below.
What makes The Artground’s Arts Space?
The arts space should capture children’s imagination through various artistic avenues, allowing them to seek creative explorations within the space. The space should be a safe, interactive and immersive experience for children from birth to 9 years old.


Arts Space Objectives

1) Structures that have an artistic expression

We believe in a space that encourages children to crawl through, over and under! It is important to encourage physical movements that are suitable and safe for both children and adults, we love it when both parent and child are engaged together in our space! 

2) Sensory and tactile elements

We have a baby area in our arts space that is dedicated and specially designed for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years old. The designs reflected here should encourage good use of sensory and tactile elements while engaging toddlers in an exploratory manner!

3) Spaces that encourages individual exploration, while evoking that sense of curiosity and spark

With all the actions going around the space, it is important to have a little alcove area for low impact activities. This little nook creates a safe and quiet area for self-exploration, a perfect environment to encourage parent-child bonding.

4) Interactive concepts that involve cause and effect

Children are intrigued by the simplest ideas! Concepts that shows interactivity are always a hit amongst the curious little ones.

5) An accessible space for all

The Artground – A Curious Space To Be prides itself as being an arts centre that welcomes children from every community and background. We have an accessible ramp in the middle of the space that links the Groundfloor to the Baby stage. This space should also be considered in the design proposal. The arts space design should encourage wheelchair access and various elements that cater towards children with various needs.