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Artist in Residency

Artist in Residency

Hi everyone! My name is Stan. I’m a musician, educator and maker, interested in creating music that enscones traditional instruments in sounds that are accessible in today’s society. I have a piano school called My Piano Room that focuses on teaching children as young as 3.5 years using a special syllabus I developed as a result of my experiences as a music educator.

Education and music are both important callings for me and whilst composing and performing music for theatre pieces for babies in 2017, I started wondering if I could create pieces for babies under 18 months that were simple in concepts and which used sustainable materials. I love making things by hand and using handmade props or sets in my works makes me feel like I’m incorporating warmth and love into these experiential installations.

Cardboard City
Presently, Cardboard City will be my first work that I have developed as Artist-in-Residence at The Artground. Using primarily recycled cardboard and yarn, I have fashioned a space for pre-walking babies to explore, make sounds and develop spatial awareness.