Anything Goes! By Keryn Ng and Neo Yan Zong

Anything Goes! by By Keryn Ng and Neo Yan Zong

We love that Anything and Everything goes. We go from getting stuck on the door, to dancing with the ocean.
Listening to scary but funny sounds, to finding shelter from imaginary rain. Waking our sleepy friend, to racing like worms on the floor. From being audiences, to being performers on stage. Random people and ideas find their way to exist together in this special realm we have created!

About Keryn and Yan
One of us is really tall, while the other is really short.Together, we talk, dance, partner with objects and create soundtracks in/for our performances. Sometimes, we think about imaginary characters and what kind of movement qualities might suit them. Other times, we are caught up in movement puzzles such as worm crawls, handstands and dive rolls. These have kept us coming together for the last 10 years, performing and creating works. We are currently set out to make works that creates synergy between humour and horror.

In the world of children, we find joy and value in the fact that things don’t always have to “make sense”. With our work at The Artground, we hope to support and embrace this world for the little ones and the grown-ups.