Admission to TAG - The Artground


Admission to TAG

Dear visitors of TAG, your safety and well-being remain our priority. In line with Covid-19 Safe Management Measures, we have made significant changes to our operations and seek your cooperation to adhere to our latest protocol.

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New tickets published every Tuesday between 12 – 2pm, for the following week. 

– All visitors must have a valid ticket for entry. Babies in arms will be counted as 1 pax. I.e one parent and one child is 2 pax.

– All children must be parent/carer accompanied and be adequately supervised by an adult when they explore the arts space.

– Each group will be given unique coloured TAG snap bands to wear.

– Children aged 2 – 6 years old are strongly encouraged to wear masks. Adults and children aged 6 years old and above are required to wear masks.

– Non-slip grip socks are mandatory for everyone (except pre-walking babies).

– Socks will be available for sale $3/pair for those who do not have them.

– The centre will be closed for intervals between the sessions for cleaning and sanitisation.

 Wednesday to Sunday
Session 1: 0915 – 1030
Session 2: 1045 – 1200
Session 3: 1400 – 1515
Session 4: 1545 – 1700

Explore Tickets
Explore tickets allow you to access our new arts space exhibition within specific time slots on weekdays and weekends. To do so, you need to pre-book a group ticket (admits up to 5 pax) for a refundable deposit of $15. Please read the Terms and Conditions ARTS SPACE EXPLORATION ONLY carefully before making your booking.
Programme + Explore tickets
Programme + Explore tickets allow you to purchase tickets for an age-specific programme in our WhiteBox, with access to explore the arts space 45 minutes before the programme start time. Tickets are only available for 2 – 4 pax. All programmes are parent-accompanied unless mentioned otherwise. Tickets are strictly non-refundable. Please read the Terms and Conditions PROGRAMME + EXPLORE below carefully before buying your tickets. Available only on weekends and selected Fridays and Public Holidays.

Masak Masak by The Merry Men Works

Enter the messy om-nom-nomiverse of Masak Masak. In this art space, commissioned by The Artground, playing with food just got larger-than-life! Climb on a spilled bowl of chendol, hop on an egg tart trampoline and slide down the melting ice cream. Satisfy your appetite through the arts, and discover local delights like never before!


The Artground provides tiered levels of access and engagement through our art related programmes so that families with young children can engage in together. These are offered on the weekends and include performing arts workshops and performances; storytelling sessions, gardening-inspired workshops and art & craft activities. Weekends programmes are chargeable, with the exception of some artist work-in-development trials. Patrons are advised to check the Weekends at TAG programme schedule below.



Terms and Conditions. Please read carefully before purchasing your tickets

Arts Space Exploration Only (Refundable Deposit) Suitable for birth to 9 years

– This group Explore ticket admits a group of up to 5 pax only.

– Each group will be given unique coloured TAG snap bands to wear

– Admission into The Artground’s Arts Space is free, with a refundable deposit of $15 per group booking collected upon booking on Peatix. You may choose to get back your deposit of $15 or donate it to The Artground during your booking. For those who have selected for a refund, you will receive it within 24 hours after your visit (standard Credit Card refund terms apply). A full $15 refund will only apply if a visitor who bought the ticket shows up for the allocated slot and checks the ‘I would like my refund back’ option.

In the event of “No-Show”: In the event of “no-show” AND the donation option is checked, the deposit of $15 will be considered as donation. If there was no indication of donation at the point of purchase, then the $15 will be considered forfeited. This forfeited amount will not be regarded as donation, but it will be classified under general income for The Artground’s free-access Visual Arts Space.

– What constitutes a donation via Peatix: When a visitor purchases a $15 refundable ticket for Explore, it will only be considered a donation if the “I would like to donate” option is checked / explicitly indicated at the point of ticket purchase. This information will be reflected in the backend report automatically and recorded as a donation unless the visitor writes to The Artground within 3 working days to inform them that it was a wrong selection made during the purchase.

– To redeem your refund, please make sure you verify your ticket at our reception.

– If you would like to cancel your slot and have your deposit refunded, please let us know 3 working days in advance so that another parent can book for the slot. Unfortunately, less than 3 days notice will result in a forfeit.

Programme + Explore (Chargeable) Age Specific

– This ticket gives you access to a 30-min PROGRAMME (unless stated otherwise) as well as access to EXPLORE MASAK MASAK 45 mins before the scheduled programme time.

– Tickets are strictly non-refundable. You may transfer your tickets to someone else (child has to be within the age stipulation). Change of dates and times are also not permitted. Please choose your date and time carefully and ensure that you book your tickets according to the number of pax in your party. If you are unable to make the Programme for any reason (including covid-related matters), you can transfer your ticket to another family.

– This class of ticket is chargeable (unless stated otherwise), with each person counted as one pax. I.e one parent and one child is 2 pax. A baby in arm is also counted as 1 pax.

–  You can choose to buy a ticket that admits 2. 3 or 4 pax only. Group tickets for 2 – 4pax will be available for selected GroundBreakers Programmes.

– Each arts programme is age-specific and The Artground reserves the right to refuse entry to children into both the arts programme and Explore who are not within the stipulated age group even if you have purchased a ticket. No refunds will be issued.

– Audiences have to exit The Artground once the programme is over to enable staff to clean and sanitise the space.

– If you’re not attending MASAK MASAK, please arrive 10 mins before the programme starts as latecomers will be denied entry into the programme.

– For art and craft workshops, art materials will be provided for participating children only.

– Photography and Videography may be taken by event organisers for marketing and archival purposes.

– For programmes, Safe Management Measures requires audiences to remain seated in their designated seats at all times throughout the session, to prevent intermingling. Audiences who don’t comply may be asked to leave the session.

For information, please visit our FAQ page.